A little something about me and Seven Stars Studio

My name is Kelly Casperson, artist, teacher, wife, mother, etc! I am the owner of Seven Stars Studio. I am also a member of Artistic Portland, and artist co-op located in downtown Portland, Oregon

My own, on-going growth as an artist has included attending classes and workshops, reading and studying books about art and artists, and a lot of exploration with a variety of media. I have been associated with several artist groups over the years, including participating in the Southeast Area Art Walk every year from 2004 to 2014. I also make it a high priority to work in my studio and on my art business every day

I worked in the Portland Public School system for over 20 years, beginning in 1988 as a volunteer, and later as an employee. In 1990 I initiated an arts education program at my children's elementary school. I developed the lessons and coordinated a group of volunteers, who brought the lessons into the classrooms. I have a degree in education and have worked with a vast array of student learning styles. In 2010, circumstances arranged themselves such that I would be able to work full-time as an artist and art teacher, an opportunity I whole-heartedly embraced.

Currently, I am an active member in Artistic Portland, an artists co-op of about 50 Portland-area artists. Here I enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement of other artists as well as having a home to display and sell my art.

Thank you for visiting the Seven Stars Studio website. Here is a little video for you:


Phone: 503-341-3755
Email: 7StarsStudio@gmail.com

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